Welcome to MPI Campers...

If you're searching for a classic Volkswagen camper van, we should be able to help. We mainly work with the 1968 to 1980 T2 "Bay Window" models, and the 1980 to 1990 T3 (or T25 as they are often known in the UK) "Wedge/Brick" models.

Click the vans for sale link to see what vehicles are currently on our books. If you like the look of one, e-mail or call us - details are found by clicking the contact details link! If you can't see what you're after, get in touch anyway, we can probably help you though our network of contacts in Europe...

We normally deal in what we consider to be "top end" models, i.e. late model 'bay window' Westfalias (European spec rather than US spec), T3 Westfalia Jokers/Club Jokers and Carthago conversions - these are vans that can be used as a proper motorhome, rather than just a vehicle for the odd weekend away. They are also much better built than rival/3rd party conversions, although we will sometimes get those in if they are properly constructed and in good condition.

We're very picky about what we deal in, too. 'Bay windows' are especially hard to find in the condition we demand these days, and we won't deal in substandard vehicles just to keep stock levels up - we'd rather not sell one than sell a poor one! In fact at the time of writing (early 2007), the market for T3s has gone mad as well - good examples are becoming as difficult to find as nice Bay models, and prices have shifted upwards as a result. If you're looking to buy a tidy T3, now is the time to do so, before they dry up totally!

As you will see, virtually all of our stock is Left Hand Drive and european spec. US sourced vans are often rot free if they've come from sunny parts of the country, but they suffer from mechanical abuse and the interiors get burned to a crisp. We believe the interior of a van is just as important as the outside, if not more so as you'll be spending a lot of time in there.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that a LHD vehicle is difficult to drive (quite the opposite, in fact) or will cost you a lot extra when it comes to insurance. RHD vehicles are almost never up to our standards - UK vans are usually badly repaired or bodged, Australian vans have poor interiors (often home-built), South African vans can suffer badly with rust. Don't worry about what side the steering wheel is on - concentrate on getting the most solid, original and well equipped van for your money. Any questions, just call us.

Telephone: 01824 705600 / 07876 738390